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The A215 takes all the great attributes of the previous A8 platform, and builds upon them to bring a new level of performance. Taking the inherent strength and durability of the A8 the new A215 improves those features and after extensive testing from our International team of drivers, the A215 represents a marked improvement in terms of handling, stability, traction and jumping. Incorporating new weight distribution, suspension geometry and steering, amongst many other features, all painstakingly refined throughout the course of the development period, the A215 has evolved into a race winning product. To prove the point, Darren Bloomfield was able to take the BRCA National title in the UK and a podium finish at the European Championships while driving the evolving prototype of the A215

After the huge success of the top of the range BULLITT B218 we are delighted to announce its successor the BULLITT B219 We have been extensively testing to provide the best possible replacement for the market leading B218 and the result we believe is an improvement in all areas. We concentrated on drive ability and fuel efficiency, and have found notable gains in these areas, while also improving the top end power of the engine. Of course the established quality of BULLITT engines has not been compromised in any way and the features unique to the top of the range engine, such as the ceramic rear bearing and the DLC coated/tungsten balanced crankshaft are retained for maximum performance and longevity. UK BRCA National Champion engine with Darren Bloomfield.

BETA is a purely competition based 1/8 off road tire & accessory manufacturer. Developed extensively with European & Worlds finalist caliber drivers, we have worked tirelessly on improving all areas of tire design. We have focused intensively on compounds, tread patterns, carcass design and inserts, to bring together the best possible package for the consumer. Using only the highest quality materials, we have developed a range of 5 tread patterns, in 3 compounds, to excel in all track conditions and suit all handling characteristics. Available glued and ready to go. In only two years we have managed to achieve some awesome results and we are only just beginning. Our accessory line continues to grow, with the same goals as the tire range. Dedication to providing the best possible products at the best possible prices.

Built on the success of the A8 buggy the Agama A8T has been winning since its birth. Centralized engine placement. 17mm big bore threaded shocks. 4mm shock shafts. 43/10 ring & pinion gear ratio. Adjustable hinge pin holders. Clunk style fuel tank with splash shield. Side mounted centre diff plate with brake calliper pistons. Metric alloy steel screws. CNC milled 7075 aluminum chassis. Front & rear skid plates. Rear mud guards. Front & rear adjustable sway bars. Fully adjustable radio tray for desired weight distribution.

Worlds 2014 @ Giardini Naxos In Italy