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The Byron Fuels Thing


Live RC has the stories:

Inside sources have told Live RC that Byron Fuels is dismantling its pro racing team for the 2017 season, including drivers like Elliott Boots, Cody King, Joe Bornhorst and more. The racers will be able to purchase fuel at a discounted rate, but no drivers will receive free fuel or a salary of any kind. As we understand, this applies to everyone except Ryan Lutz, who signed a two year contract at the beginning of the 2016 season. Byron Fuels will honor the final year of his deal before he, too, will be cut back. According to the inside report, the rest of the pro team drivers had signed one year deals which expire at the end of this month.

By Byron: With 2017 just around the corner, Byron Fuels is entering an exciting time by starting out the year with a fresh look at our factory team and newly modified agreements. We can proudly say that a large percentage of our Surface and Air team members remain committed to the Byron Fuel family and are eager to continue representing the Byron brand. In addition, we plan to use 2017 to evaluate the changing times in the industry as a whole. In doing so, we plan to examine opportunities that will allow us to build upon the foundations of superior products that our customers and RC Enthusiasts around the world have grown accustomed to. Plus, we believe our efforts coupled with the efforts of other like minded manufacturers will result in overall industry growth and sustainability for many years to come as well. Stay tuned for additional and exciting news from Byron Fuels throughout 2017

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Baldos Leave Ultimate Go Picco


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XRAY RCE Champs Cyprus Success



Serpent Light Wing & Pro Shocks


Serpent introduces this Billy Easton designed rear polycarbonate wing for 1/8 buggies and truggies. The strong 1mm clear polycarbonate wing has large sideflaps for stability, maximum surface for the wing itself with 7 fins ribs to add to the stability of the wing with a lowered left and right section with additional ribbing to guide the air towards the side dams and guerney for added downforce and stability.

For the Serpent Spyder range of buggy cars (2wd and 4wd) we offer this optional Pro type shock set. Smoother and more durable. Fits Serpent Spyder cars and a number of other 1/10 buggies.

By Serpent

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