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Ielasi Goes Off Road


From this year, after 30 exact years of track racing between categories 1/8 on and 1/10 on, its time to add a new challenge to my modeling career, off road! I have to admit it was a very difficult decision, but, as often happens in life, you come to a point that you must have the strength to make certain decisions that are important to your future and even if sometimes they may seem too hasty and little sense.

But they are the right thing to do. Today unfortunately category 1/8 runway has arrived at a very high level, where preparation in general counts more than anything and I personally compared to the past, when I was a pilot at 100% I dont have any more time (for my work choices) that I can dedicate to the category I love and have always loved more than any other.

I would like to point out, though, that its not a real good bye to the track category, I am going to turn around again, but this year will only be for private testing. So after all this, thats why the decision to deal with this new challenge, a whole new world that still fascinates me very much and gives me new stimuli, especially because of the difficulty that this category entails for a pilot.

By Ielasi

Yokomo Performer Springs


By Yokomo

Exotek EB410 Steering Rack


By Exotek

VRP MBX8 Carbon & Alu Towers



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