SWorkz S35 4 Details!


Choose the car that has been dominant in Europe for the past few months.
In short, a kit ready to win.

  • New hard anodized aluminum lightened frame
  • New large frame design
  • New lowered shock absorbers
  • New short shock shock bodies
  • New short shock shock rods
  • New shock shock caps
  • New springs (;)
  • New lock shock cups
  • New rear shock shock absorbers 3mm
  • New Ackerman bar
  • New management referral
  • New spare aluminum parts
  • New servo save ring tightening
  • New servo save reinforcement
  • New servo save columns
  • New steering balls
  • New steering decks
  • New pinch holds with square inserts
  • New light spoiler support
  • New side bibs
  • New front and rear triangles
  • New front and rear body supports
  • New composite rear rockets with carbon plates
  • New multi adjustment system of rear rods
  • New anti schedule screws for shock
  • New aerodynamic bodywork
  • 3 high traction diffs included
  • 2 front frame reinforcements included
  • Black competition springs included
  • Adjustable spoiler position
  • Adjustable spoiler angle
  • Adding tie points for balancing ballasts
  • Frame reinforcement at stop screws
  • Optimized composite parts

The S35 4 has a new light anodized aluminum chassis that has been tested for a long time by our factory drivers to guarantee the best performance. The new high traction, recently developed high traction diffs are provided with box to offer you traction that was not possible with the old differences.

The S35 4 comes with a brand new shock. The new lock shock cups will prevent you from losing your springs. The new steering geometry thanks to the new Ackerman bar and the new steering decks will give you a feeling of total control of your S35 4

New square insert pinch holds allow geometry to fit any type of track and or track condition. The new front and rear triangles are made of new composite materials and perfectly match the new geometry of the chassis.

The new light spoiler support allows you to adjust the position and angle of the spoiler to refine the balance of your S35 4 according to the track. The latter, combined with the new bodywork, makes it a perfectly adapted couple aerodynamically.

Another important development of our new SWorkz S35 4 is the fully redesigned rear rocket. The new composite material associated with carbon plates allows many setup settings. This new composite material combined with the HET differences provides maximum motor motor skills.

By SWorkz and Wartelle

Associated RC8B3.2 Team Kit

Associated RC8B3.2


  • New suspension arm design with inserts for flex adjustments
  • Longer rear suspension arm length with narrow rear arm mounts
  • New center bulkhead splits and has front rear specific top halves to prevent brake misalignment
  • Enclosed battery box for quick and easy battery removal
  • Larger receiver box for better wire management
  • One piece graphite transponder and electronic switch mount
  • Flex Control radio tray has three different configurations for chassis flex adjustment
  • New stiff shock bladder design improves jumping and handling performance
  • Updated shock cap works for bladder or emulsion style shock setups
  • Shorter and lower front bumper reduces drag and allows easier access to anti roll bar screws
  • IFMAR approved rear wing
  • 42T ring and 12T pinion gears on front and rear differentials for improved gear ratios
  • Updated chassis with chamfered front edges to reduce drag
  • Side guards are now threaded into the chassis from the top side of the car
  • 90% parts compatibility with RC8B3.2E

By Associated

SWorkz S35 4 In April


  • SWokz official video, screenshots by Asia RC
  • Hey SWorkz, not cool media situation (…)

By SWorkz

Infinity IF14 II

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