LeadFinger D817 Racing Strife ody


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Kanai MP10T Machine


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Kyosho MP10T Details


New body. Focused on the best air flow possible with roof fins. Wing mount. The new 1 piece wing mount design is more durable and at the same time, reduces weight by 7 grams. Rear wing features two vertical fins to enhance stability through jumps. A Gurney flap can be attached to the trailing edge. Chassis. 3mm 7075 aluminum chassis with hard anodizing. Durable and improved flex characteristics. Engine, fuel tank, servos, RX box and battery box have move forward for optimal weight balance.

MP10 radio plate design features a revised servo position and increased strength. New side guards lighter and sharp as it narrows from the center of the chassis. New updated fuel tank design for more durability and reliability. New engine mount with increased rigidity allows a more balanced flex and pitch.

Cornering speed is further increased through optimization of the Ackerman ratio. A new reversible steering plate enables eight different settings. The optimized Ackerman in the MP10 delivers an increase in lock to lock steering travel. The design of the new reinforced tie rod ends doesnt interfere with the inside of the tire and wheel when steering is at maximum angle. Upper arms are now I arm design for more neutral feel and easier maintenance. New lower arms are more durable design without any cut outs. Suspension shafts are now 4.5mm for more durability.

New MP10T shock tower design. Aeration shocks with hard plated big shock case. High strength and precision construction of molded rear hub delivers improved controllability and better handling characteristics than the aluminum hubs. Sway bar ball end. Simple design features fixed length one piece links are easier to install and lighter. Specially selected brake pad material is secured with epoxy and indexed to the backing plates with two dowel pins similar to full size cars. They deliver exceptional braking power, durability and consistency, especially in the heat of the most grueling endurance racing. Serrated wheel nut s are included as standard.

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Kyosho MP10T


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XRAY XT8E 2019



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