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Kyosho aims to rebuild management under Shinsei Bank Investment Fund. Shinsei Bank Investment Fund acquired all the shares of Kyosho. Kyosho aims to reconstruct under investment funds. This is due to the slump in business performance, President Akihisa Suzuki retired and went to adviser. Katsumi Watanabe is appointed president. Sales were down to 1/5 of the peak season and the deficit continued. Kyosho intends to aim for growth of 7% annually by overseas sales mainly around the market in the future.

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Speed RC Closes Down


Unfortunately (and fortunately) the RC industry has become an industry where most racers are able to gain sponsorship. It becomes very difficult for hobby shops to actually sell parts & tires since everyone is already buying them at a discount through their sponsorships. Due to this, we have lost money for three years in a row now. We have also unfortunately been seeing a lot of theft in our hobby shop to go with the downward struggle we were already on. Even with the headcounts we have been able to bring in for races, we just have not been able to make ends meet. After much debate, we have come to the conclusion that it is time to close the doors to Speed RC We apologize greatly to all of our loyal customers and hope you understand our decision. Thank you for being with us the last three years!

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Kyosho Logo Bomb!


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