Boots Tops Practice @ Sacile Euros


  • Last years Champion Coelho is not @ Sacile (!)

By KyoshoEurope

Boots 2012


By Battaney

Ronnefalk Lost 10 Engines


On April 4th I flew to France from Malaga Airport. Me and Cole dropped the rental car at the airport around 5 am. We had not got much sleep and stupid as I was I left a bag behind in the rental car. It was my JConcepts radio bag which I had (10!!!) Team Orion engines inside.

After trying to get in touch with this fucking company during 3 days after we left the car, they have nothing in the Lost & Found for me. I am 1000 percent sure it was right behind the driver seat and I guess I should have broken the window and reached for the bag. The problem was I dropped the key in the key box already and could not get back in the car to grab it, but we saw it was there. I am so bummed I did not smash the window of the car.

But nice as I am, I left a note on the window and told them I would be back just a few days later and could pick it up again. Well that is what I hoped for. Terrible customer service when I came back and the lady behind the desk was so arrogant and did not care at all to help me out. I was not very happy at this moment after getting no replies on emails or at least 50 phone calls to the given number on their web site, which by the way also was a piece of shit.

As I saw the bag behind the driver seat and they dont have it in lost and found, it means someone took it. I know the company that clean the cars but they said, we have not seen a bag like this. Well Fuck You. Unbelievable that people are so incredibly stupid that they do not know the difference of what is theirs or someone elses.

Anyway, I consider the bag lost and I feel terrible about that. So if you could share this post to see if something shows up one day. The ”good” thing is that many of them had our prototype silver case which is not on the market. So if anyone see an Orion with a silver case, you know where it comes from and please contact me then. To my Spanish friends please keep an eye out for me, especially around the Andalusian area! Someone clearly knew the value of what was in the bag. Thanks for reading, I am not having high hopes but you never know I guess!

By Ronnefalk

A Legend Is Gone


Kortz: Brian and I were NOT the best of friends by any means. We were rivals to say the least. When I was 14 I received my very first paying contract from Team Losi. Brian had just left Team Associated to join Losi and I was the man on the team, so that made me jealous of him. As I was walking into Team Losi to sign my contract hes was walking out. So with that being said, man I really enjoyed battling with him. He thought me that u cant just show up at the track and expect to win. Brian was one of the most hard working smartest dude I had even known. He made me work harder and smarter. He thought me driving wasnt just about being on the stand, it was so much more. He pushed me beyond my expectations race after race. I wished our relationship was different cause I wouldve told him, I really look up to u and I hope one day I can be just like you. Brian I know ur up there looking down on all the RC family and from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for EVERYTHING youve given to our industry. RIP my brother.

Pavidis: Todays news of Brian Kinwald passing came as a shock as to most. Today made me reflect on all the good times I shared with Brian as a friend, as a racer and someone who made me work harder each race to try and find a way to beat him. I first got to know Brian. Not at the RC track but when I worked part time at Hobby Shack in fountain valley. I worked in the RC car section of the hobby store. Brian and some friends came in to the store wanting to get RC cars to take to the BMX track. One day him and his friends came in but later that day we noticed some RC parts missing from the shelf. A few weeks went by and I was at the local track and was like,hey I recognize that kid. Well come to find out it was Brian and his friends who had visited the store with their new equipment. He eventually took to racing at our local track and the rest is now history. As a friend Brian was now racing more and more and we became great team mates traveling the world racing RC cars. So many late nights at his house trying to figure out the next best thing. Something Brian was very good at. One race as team mates that stands out is we traveled to England for a race and the night before leaving the cat peed in all of our Proline tires we brought to the event. We cleaned them the best we could but they stunk horribly. Brian and I ended up doing very well at that race and Craig Drescher went up and smelled our tires and asked what sauce we were using and Brian said its catpee. He didn’t believe us and Brian and I laughed so hard. Still makes me laugh.

Brian as a competitor made my life even more difficult. He was so good and so prepared he made me work harder at each event. There were a handful of races we exchanged words as we each thought we right. At the end of the day Brian was always the guy to beat. The rivalry we had towards one another was second to none. Brian will be in my memories forever and for this I am truly great full for the times we were able to spend together while he was with us. He inspired many. Gods speed.

By Ruona and Kortz and Pavidis

Ravaglia Mugen VS On Podium @ Ongaroring


By Ravaglia

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