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Hello all. This is Paul, Codys dad. This is really difficult for me. I have chosen to write here, because I have received so many messages and good wishes, but cant answer all. As I am sure most of you are aware, Cody was admitted to a hospital in Las Vegas. He had been going through rehab treatment and was on several medications and had a bad reaction to something. We don’t even know what he ingested yet, suspect some sort of synthetic possibly, or his prescriptions didnt mix right with something?

Not sure, anyhow, for those of you unaware of his problem, I can tell you it was alcohol and prescription pill abuse that he was getting treated for. The social life around his racing career led to drinking quite a lot and getting pain pills and all that led to this horrible problem. Anyhow, right now any good vibes and prayers are appreciated. There hasnt been a lot of progress over 4 days and we are trying to get him transferred to California and into better care. I will try to update if there is any good news. Me and his family appreciate your positive vibes, prayers and well wishes. We love Cody very much, as I know many of you do and want to help him get to the other side of this.

By Paul King

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