DNC Update


As you all can see on the news and social media. Southern California (along with tons of other areas) have been hit by massive storms. They are now called atmospheric rivers and they have been relentless. The flooding has basically made our proposed track area non useable.

The good news is there is a spot right next to it where I was originally going to build the 1/5th scale track that is available. It is on a raised up pad of dirt. It is not flooded and I can build a track there for sure! It is smaller that the original area but I think we can make an awesome race track. The Manufacturers pit area is also right next to the track and is dry and asphalt too! No dirt or mud.

We would like to say thank you for the support and patience, some info has been hard to find but it has been because of all of the flooding and we have not been 100% sure on a lot of things. Mother Nature has a mind of her own lol. The forecast looks pretty good for the race week. If we need to make adjustments because of rain we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

By Dirt

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