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AKA What an impressive performance of Davide, what a crazy high temperature the last two days, what a smart driving of Bruno in the A main! Bruno is 100% European Champion, but Davide is our idol! How can we blame him for crashing in the semi when he totally dominated the qualification; Coming from the last position of the LCQ Davide won it in front of big name like Renaud, Jorn and Martin! That was bad for promising, nice, smiling, young Culmsee, but that was a kind of performance you never forget!

On the AKA point of view, all started earlier at the warmup when Davide and some other from AKA team like Rayan did a good job and got feedback to us that Catapult, Zipps and Double Down would be the right tread to have. Everybody @ AKA did super good and we were able to get these tires available at the race track! This matches as well smartest race support, cheaper race support! No more air cooling and container, but a shared shelter, no more wide team but younger driver and less staff on the race track. The industry has to be flexible and match how the market is at the moment. Too many companies failed by not changing their strategy on race support.

Catapult is fast, easy to drive, goes through the dusty area in a descent way. It gives a bit more rotation. Depending of how the track is dusty, Double Down and Zipps are good as well: more forward traction, but at the beginning of the week, may be a bit slower. Early in the week Medium Long Wear was already the rubber to use: better drivability, better forward traction, faster. We also proved the wheels stiffeners: on some cars like Kyosho cars, it gave an unexpected 0.3 second advantage. Davide was not fan of this on his car, so he did not use it.

First Davide used Catapult for the 3 first rounds. Then on Friday, he prepared the final and swapped to Double Down. This was supposed to be the safer choice for the finals, but at that time it even became the fastest with more forward traction! The last 2 days, the traction came back up to what it was earlier in the week and we all focus to help our guys to find the right tread for their use. Zipps for those needing more side bite and Double Down for others!

  • 5 TQ
  • 3 drivers in A main
  • A decent amount of lost drivers swapping back to AKA rubber
  • Some good times with drivers enjoying to speak with ourselves or Davide
  • All the needed tires available at the race track for team and customers
  • We have a nice smiley group of kids, still green, but fast and smart
  • Mattia Polito, Pelle Culmsee
  • Pres and Jeremy in the USA, Alex and Joking in Portugal all played a role
  • Final result was not a win, but that was tough to come from 13th spot. Bruno driving was so clean and consistent, he succeed to find more pace than in the semi and put the pressure on Davide shoulder.

JQ I prefer last years Euros post. This year was some terrible driving. I feel like I could and should have been in the main. On to next year!

SWorkz Yes, we made it! After many years of hard work our small but hard working team made the first final in an European Championship! Martin Wollanka finished 7th in an amazing final! Congrats to him and his mechanic Andreas Zeilinger! Jorn Neumann, unfortunatelly missed the final by less than a second, due to a problem with the tank gun at refueling! He was on a perfect eleventh place after qualification. And young boy Micha Widmaier, finished seventeenth overall. Thanks to Hugo Prata for helping us a lot. For sure our team spirit already is first on the podium! We will return even stronger at Worlds in Australia!

Coelho Yesss Yesss Yesss! European Champion 1/8 Off Road! What an amazing feeling! I have no words to describe this moment. It was a great race from the start to the end and for me it was the best race until today. I had an amazing support from the all Portuguese people over there and for sure it helped a lot for this win. My car, engine and tires worked amazing during the all event. A special thanks to Tessmans family coming all over from Canada to Portugal to prepare the car for me. Those two guys are unbeleivable. Their work, dedication and kindness are just unreal.

I want to thanks Hot Race for the great support during the race as I used his tires for all practices, qualifies and semi final. For the final we decided to use Proline Fugitive X2 as the track was very abrassive. Thanks to my dad, girlfriend, XRAY team, Portuguese people and all people around the world for their support and messages!

Savoya My car was so awesome in the semi! Amazing start, easy 3rd in cruise mode to the main and then my throttle servo reached 150 degrees and died. It would happen to any other in these 40 degrees conditions. We will come back stronger

Aigoin For my part, the package was performance (the results prove it) but I simply did not go to level, not very fast, but especially unable to leave the car on the wheels, this week has been very frustrating and reflects the lack of training and preparation, competition is ruthless but we will have to accept this result to bounce back! I want to thank my faithful mechanic, my sponsors and all the people who support me and am sorry for not being up to it.

Proline Proline Fugitives are the 2018 Euro Champions in the new S Compound! Ty and Gord Tessmann helped Bruno to win his first ever 1/8 Nitro Off Road European Championship in his home country of Portugal and he chose Fugitives to outlast and outpace the competition for the main event. Congrats to Proline Elliott Boots, Riccardo Berton, Alex Zanchettin and Miguel Matias for their strong finishes in the main and for making Proline tires the most popular tire of the A main.

Ongaro The Euros in Portugal is done and I am very happy about the result! The week was really good and I got the TQ I started 1st in my semi final but at the end of the first lap my car broke so I finished 12th and I did the LCQ After 10 minutes of LCQ I won and I started with number 13th in the final! I am very happy because all worked perfect all the week and I want to thanks my dad, my mum, Richard Saxton and Craig Drescher from Team Associated, Bernard Durand from AKA Verry and all the people for this fantastic week! Big congrats to Bruno Coelho for his win! Maybe next time I can do better for sure and come back stronger!

Batlle I have so much mixed feelings that I wanted to organise, we made almost perfect Euros from Tuesday to Friday, we always have been on top 2 some tenths off from Davide. Then arrive Saturday and everything went away I dont know even why, car was same and tires were same but I was one second off. I am so dissapointed with myself and I just can say sorry to all my sponsors and my team because I failed on Saturday so much. We will keep pushing as we do everyday, because we win as a team and we lose as a team. Thank you so much guys for all support even when things go wrong, see you in September.

Ronnefalk It wasnt to be for us this week and I didnt get the chance to make it 3 out of 3 so far this year. Right now I am very dissapointed because 4th is never what I am looking for coming into races, I felt we were very well prepared, but couldnt show it. We put in a crazy amount of work this week, changing setups back and forth as well as trying different tire compounds and patterns. Nothing really made any difference to my speed, it just changed the feeling and handling of the car but we were always closer to a second off on best laps of Davide. I cant remember the last time I was that far off on a 1/8 race and it really sucks to be that far off.

We did what we could and gave it our best shot on Saturday. Having a fairly easy race alone in the front during the semis, I did no mistakes and would go on to get my 6th pole position in 7 years for the A main which is pretty cool. Unfortunately a couple of bad mistakes very early on in the main throw me down the field and we knew that from there it would be close to impossible to do anything to the top three guys. I went into damage control mode and worked my way back to 4th after a great pit strategy and drive in the last 30 minutes of the race. Great runtime on the Orion engine really helped on the way to finish 4th in the end.

Looking at it afterwards I couldnt have done much to the top three guys even with a better start but that is racing sometimes. It just hurts a little extra when you have put in so many hours and worked you butt off to not have a shot at it in the end. However I am very happy with the work me and my team put in for this race, we win and loose together and to finish 4th in Europe when you are having one of your worst weeks in a long time is not bad I think. The grind wont stop and once again (like in 2016) I can assure you guys that the race will be very different in Australia later this year. We will make sure to have a good shot to become the first ever back to back Champions of the World in 1/8 Thank you to all my sponsors, I am sorry for the first 10 minutes of the main. Congratulations to Bruno for putting in a great drive in the main!

Hot Tires We are 50% European Champions. Because Bruno used our tires for practice, qualification and semi final and then they decided 3 minutes before the start, to change his tires, so we are 50% European Champions, maybe we could be 100% European Champions but we never know. Bruno is not our factory driver, so he can use whatever he wants. Anyway this was a great week, most used tires in semi, most in top 10 after qualify, positive week for a still young company in a buggy class. After race to be honest I listen a lot of things, but people really not understand what is behind one company, the hard work, night and day at work, you really cannot imagine.

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