GP Montpellier Podium Boots Canas Berton


Boots wins the WarmUp and the GP Final. Great job with his Kyosho Reds combo. Fantastic Canas all weekend with his new for 2019 SWorkz Reds 6MIK combo. So if you have the driver you can go on the podiums. Of course Neumann is great too. It seems the new car is for 2020 so a a long wait. But the young Spanish driver changed everything for 2019 and many people did not get it. It seems he is as fast as with his old hyper team!

Berton does well here and did well at the Worlds, despite the fact that he did not race much in 2018 So practice is not what makes perfect; Bad luck for Savoya, TLR tank broken in the semi. Batlle could win but flamed out and lost all chances. And of course Ongaro, dominated here again but had a pack (or servo) issue and was out of the final. He could (would) win of course. USA comes soon for many of the above!

By Kanai and RCSpecial

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