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We had the Indian Radio Control Racers Association (IRCRA) Rotor Sport National Race on March 20, 2011 at RCPA track about 100 km away from Chennai, India. We had about 25 car entries from different cities like Chennai, Pondicherry and Bangalore. The car brands which were represented were Mugen, Jammin, Team Associated, Thunder Tiger, Team Losi, Kyosho, HPI etc We had four categories, Electric Open, Nitro Buggy, Nitro Truggy and Monster Truck.

Practice started at 10 am on Saturday, March 19th with temperatures soaring to about 35C Drivers had tough time keeping their engine temperatures under check. Apart from a Lipo battery accident and a bad buggy crash, the day was normal. The track surface was hard to start with, but loosened up after 3 hours leaving drivers with less traction. Most drivers had good time to practice and setup their cars till about 5 pm. We retired to catch up with some drinks after a hard day of practice.

Race day started with better weather. Temperatures were much lower. Electric open class started first. We had setup the Laps Free software for timing, but after some issues, we had to resort to manual counting. The Electric Open race duration was 10 minutes. 5 cars started off the grid. Jo with his new TT MT4 G3 was leading the pack with Biju with his E Revo on his tail. Murali with his Jammin Nexx 8 was doing pretty well until it ran into issues and was out of the race. Barath with his Kyosho Inferno and Ajo on his converted TT ST1 were behind. Finally after 10 minutes, Jo placed first, Biju, second and Ajo was third…

Nitro Buggy started with much excitement as it’s a closely competed class. 7 cars entered the race. Duration was 20 minutes. There was so much happening in the race with multiple pit stops, numerous flameouts etc Murali Jammin X1 retired hurt early after having a rear end crash and breaking his rear toe plate. We saw new comer Ashok quietly moving up the position ladder on his Jammin X1 with meticulous driving and strategic pit stops. Satish on his Mugen MBX6 suffered due to incorrect pit stop timing ran out of fuel loosing critical time. Biju incurred bad damage with his dog bone coming off along with the wheel. Continuous flameouts kept Ajo and Ankush car in the pits. Jo with his TT EB4 S2 was on the lead most of the time and came first, followed by Ashok with his Jammin X1 and finally Satish with his MBX6

Monster Trucks were not very exciting as we had lesser numbers and finished without much fanfare. Jo, Biju and Pravesh was placed first, second and third respectively. Nitro Truggy was the largest class with 8 cars competing. Jammin X2 CRT, Mugen MBX6T, TT ST1, Losi 8ightT etc were on the grid. All the cars blasted towards the first corner at end of countdown resulting in a huge pileup. Jo got ahead of the pack and was quickly caught up by Murali on his X2 CRT coming back with a vengeance. Murali dominance did not last for long with his car flaming out.

Satish on the MBX6T got ahead and laped all the drivers with at least 2 laps. His driving was very consistent and made almost no mistakes. Murali was back and with some skillful and fast driving caught up with Satish very fast. Biju was hot on his heels. Pravesh had his wheels and body flying off. Barath was driving very cool and unlike before we could see his body was intact and not yawning. Ritam X2 crashed repeatedly into everything it could find. Ankush Losi flameouts got him retired. Towards the end of the race, we could see the Mugen moving slowly as it was 5 laps ahead of the nearest competitor. Murali came second and Biju was placed third. Jammins grabbed both second and third places.

The prizes were sponsored by AutoZone and JRH Hobby. They were given away by Gandhi Kannadasan, son of the great Tamil poet and lyricist, Kannadasan. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed this race. We look forward to more such races to promote the hobby in India.

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