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My name is Jared Tebo. I live in Raymore, Missouri, USA I am a professional RC car racer. I raced motocross as a kid and always dreamed of being a SuperCross racer. I had many injuries and did not enjoy racing anymore. That was in 1997 In 1999 I got my first RC car, it was a Team Associated RC10GT I had a natural feel for the RC and in 2000 I turned professional at the age of 13 Now 12 years later I have 10 US National Championships and 1 World Championship. I love my career and I am very blessed to be doing what I am.

So far in 2011 I have raced in 13 total races this year with all the classes during CRCRC, Reedy Invitational, Cactus Classic, The Dirt, Silver State, and Neo11 I have 9 TQ 6 wins, 5 seconds, and 2 fourth place finishes. I really can’t ask for much better. The competition is so tough now at the races it is just amazing. The Dirt was great, to have my father back pitting for me and to sweep the entire weekend was just crazy!

Also Neo was very special. To attend 3 times and get the TQ and win all 3 times was awesome. This year was great with the competition as well. I was very happy to get that win! My goals for this year are to be in the battle for the win at every race. I want to leave every race knowing I did all I could to try to win. The 1/10 worlds are this year and that is a major goal of mine. I would love to win another World Championship! Same goals for 2012 try to win the 1/8 World Championship. I also have some goals of growing my company JTP

Well a week with me isn’t always the same. Most weeks consist of working many hours on my cars. Last week was crazy. I worked on my cars everyday for at least 10 hours a day. Sometimes I have to prepare for multiple races. This time was 1/10 Pre Worlds and 1/8 ROAR Nationals. I try to go to the track at least once a week. Sometimes it is more, if I have been traveling a lot, I will take a week off. A good week involves spending time with my wife and new baby daughter. Also some fishing!

Becoming a father has been great! My career is good and bad for that. Good because when I am home I get to be with her all day. The bad part is the traveling, it is hard to not see my family for a week. I feel I mix it pretty good, luckily my wife loves my racing as well, so when I go to the track at home they will come with me.

I don’t know of anything new coming. Well Kyosho is coming out with an updated truggy. I don’t know too much about it though. For Orion…..mainly our new 1/10 speedo and motors. AKA is working on their new 1/10 tires. That is about it.

I would love to come @ Kyosho Masters, but it is too close to the 1/10 Worlds. I will be preparing and practicing for that. Hopefully I will be able to make that event next year.

Pattaya: I was happy to run good all week and end up on the podium. Was I happy to finish third with everything that happened, yes. I was very bummed to have not won, I felt that was my race to win! It just wasn’t meant to be. It took me a long to time to get over that race, but now I can move on. I learned from it and now I will be better and smarter for 2012!

Thank you for reading my interview. I really appreciate all my fans worldwide and love talking to you. Thank you to all the people that support me. I hope to do some racing in France sometime in the near future. See you all at the races!

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