Kyosho MP10 Tech Details


  • Kyosho MP10
  • Upaded suspension components with optimized width and wheelbase
  • New chassis shifts overall weight to the front
  • New Ackermann geometry with a new reversible direction plate
  • New geometry also optimizes steering lock from one side to the other
  • New chassis pockets provide optimized torsional flex
  • New engine mounts provide increased overall stiffness
  • New redesigned 3mm servo and top plates, along with upgraded side guards
  • Widely updated suspension features offset ring inserts
  • 4.5mm diameter hinge pins
  • Rear suspension brackets are 5 mm wider, which further moves the rear arms
  • Upper front arms have a more durable design
  • Lower arms have undergone a major overhaul, making them durable
  • Optimized aluminum damper towers
  • One piece molded wing support, lighter than the previous piece
  • MP10 includes a new hull with an aggressive aerodynamic package
  • Angled nose section for increased steering response
  • Additional wing sections on the side modules channel airflow to the engine
  • One piece fixed length swaybar links, SP brake pads and serrated wheel nuts


By Kyosho

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