New Shock Absorber


Former factory driver Andreas Myrberg from Sweden has a new product & distribution venture called AME. Under that company T Shox is a new brand which focuses on shocks and accessories for shocks, with their first product aiming to reinvent the traditional shock absorber. The first release will be for the 1/10 touring class and the prototypes will make their race debut at this weekend ETS season opener in Germany with both Andreas and test driver Freddy S├╝dhoff running the new units.

A unique design in that the shock shaft goes through the top and bottom of the shock, this configuration eliminates the need for a volume compensation bladder and ensures that the shaft is perfectly aligned in the shock body at all times, reducing wear and friction. The benefits, which early testing has confirmed, are more grip and steering yet giving the car a super smooth feel.

By RedRC and AME

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