Novarossi Engines 2009

Toro Nero
Novarossi designed the most powerful Off Road engine, keeping an incredible level of drivability. R&D department and team drivers efforts to keep the power of this 7 ports and long stroke engine very smooth. Most of the job focused increasing the power-band width and lowering the fuel consumption. Thanks to the new stroke and the new combustion chamber, this engine fits the expectations of Buggy drivers. This engine is very convenient for European style of track.


Plus4 Buggy
The PLUS 4 is the latest designed engine,totally new through out! The goal for Novarossi was to add in the line of engine with good but controllable power. The PLUS 4 is the engine which follow the drivers finger like an EP motor. This engine is factory tuned: it features a 4 ports ABC piston sleeve and a tuned crankshaft into an black anodised crankcase. This engine is very convenient for US style of track.


P5XL Turbo
The P5XL Turbo is the ultimate version of the world famous P5. It comes with an updated head and combustion chamber, but keeps the same 5 ports low exhaust sleeve, and it’s incredibly easy to setup.


Novarossi P5 DNA runs in the new P3XS with 3 ports, ABC sleeve offers a smooth power band and very low fuel consumption. This new engine featuring a turbo crankshaft has been designed for those just stepping up to the power of a .21 engine. The P3XS is the right engine for local racers, and 3 port addict’s.


Flash 21
For many years, Novarossi dominates the On Road Class. Novarossi wanted to follow the new regulation and upgraded the top of its line releasing the Flash 21 This engines has an updated sleeve and uses the latest R7 re-enforced lightened conrod. The case is now black anodised, the main bearing is ceramic type, and the lightened crankshaft is carefully balanced.


The new «Classico» is the first engine of BSC line (Basic Sport Competition). Thanks to its 5 ports and exhaust booster combination,  this engines offers quick acceleration and more than enough RPM. Very affordable engine and perfect for the flat car or  1/8 drivers looking for a true on-road engine for an cool price.


353R 09
The 353 was already the ultimate engine of the touring car class: thanks to its rigid case, lightened crankcase, innovative exhaust by-pass and patented backplate, there was no more room for massive improvement. The R&D department focused on carburettor. The 353 09 carburettor comes with an isolated  body, and a new needle holder and nipple. The restrictor is now made from anodised aluminium, the crankshaft is factory tuned and the main bearing comes with ceramic balls.


N12 Touring
The N12 Touring is the entry level engine of the Novarossi line. It gives the opportunity to any driver to  feel the power and reliability of a Novarossi engine, keeping a low budget in mind. This engine uses the same technologies and material used in the whole Novarossi high competition line. This engine complies with EFRA rules.

By Novarossi and RacingExperience

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