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Berton Wins @ Novarossi Trofeo


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SOAR VS HPI (;) To Be Confirmed


Info RC published a strange story that places even more dark over HPI All to be confirmed of course, a clear out by the brands would be nice.

Minutes ago we received an official text from Didian Ho SOAR Seiki CEO that really surprised us, although it fits with the trajectory of Hpi during the last months. It seems that after more of 10 years of collaboration between SOAR and HPI building SOAR more than the 60% of HPI parts, these have acquired a debt that are not able to pay and also does not seem like they want to. That is the reason for this official text from Didian.

Regardless of the cost in long time support in new designs, SOAR had been helping HPI (Hobby Product International) to achieve many titles as No 1 Even after HPI began to have financial problems, SOAR did not give up on HPI while others stopped offering products. Considering of the long term relationship, we maintained shipping our products as usual. SOAR even paid cash to other manufacturers for HPI and that was why HPI got into the huge amounts of debt. SOAR did all those to give HPI a second chance. We are waiting for your reply Mr Watanabe from HPI (By SOAR CEO Didian Ho)

By InfoRC and SOAR

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