Gruber WRC Ielasi Efra 1/10 Euros Champions!


By Gruber

King HB Team Orion Wins @ DTR Series


By King

Haatanen Success


4 races 4 wins! Cannot believe how crazy this is. My cars worked so good all of the season and had some good luck in couple races. I ran with Team Associated B3.1 powered by Picco engines, tires, bodies and wheels from JConcepts and fuel from Runner Time, all of this stuff worked well.

By Haatanen

Tessmann XRAY Team Orion Machines


By TeamOrion

Ronnefalk Euros Issue


When I was tearing down my car today, just over a week after the Euros, I found a little issue on the car. I though the car was a bit weird after a few minites into the main and this explain the feeling I had. My rear brake was not functioning as I had lost the bushing on the linkage. Something we did not find right after the main but I found out now.

By Ronnefalk

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