RCGP Wont Have Ernst For Second Race (Update)


    • Maybe for the rest of the season
    • Also some other info comes out about Manila and Fehring

Ernst I woke up to some unexpected and very surprising news this morning. I received an email from the owner of RCGP that my services will no longer be needed for RCGP and I will not be hired to fulfill my contract for the rest of the series this year due to budget restraints following the opening round in Manila.

When I was hired to be part of the series, they promoted that I would be the master of ceremonies of the series and I feel, as many people have told me, my involvement added a bit of credibility to the series. So I feel an obligation to the industry that I have worked with for over 25 years in promoting RC to let them know I am no longer involved in the series. I wish them well but felt it was important to let everyone what has transpired today.

JQ Well I received the same email you did and it did not say that. It actually specifically said that RCGP hopes the dates work out for the USA rounds. And I did not send this email, I received and read it. The sender can post the email if he wants. And no, I am not calling Scotty Ernst a liar. I am sure he just did not read the email was in a hurry was emotional. We chose Scotty for a reason, he is the best. But with 30 RC2 entries in Austria and the Manila race costing a lot more than agreed it just does not make sense to send Scotty to Austria. He made this public not us.

RCGP All personnel who agreed to partner with RCGP were given the opportunity to discuss and agree to very similar terms and conditions, these include the fact that their agreement is a race by race agreement. New ventures are extremely difficult to plan and implement and sometimes difficult decisions have to be made.

The issue that has recently been made public was one of those difficult decisions. The decision was made to not send Scotty Ernst to the European rounds of RCGP, and to continue the collaboration at the final event in America. In the meantime RCGP continues to prepare to provide great racing to attending drivers and great coverage for 1/8 scale fans and spectators around the world when European races start in June. The ultimate goal of bringing RC racing to full scale motorsports events in the future remains unchanged!

By Ernst and JQ and RCGP

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