• All in one concept front motor & mid motor build options included
  • Includes both laydown and standup parts sets
  • All new shorter chassis for improved weight balance and traction
  • All new ultra smooth ball diff increases traction & life time
  • All new multi function rear upright
  • All new longer rear arms for increased traction and consistency
  • All new RR suspension holder
  • All new longer rear driveshafts with 2.5mm pins
  • All new battery holder shifts electronics closer to the rear
  • All new 2 pads slipper for improved traction in low bite situations
  • All new Alpha 2 body for increased traction & stability
  • All new rear wing for increased traction
  • Includes hard front steering block to improve handling
  • Includes new rear wheels with deeper recess for wheel nuts
  • Includes new composite chassis hard front guard
  • Includes new shorter composite front chassis side braces
  • Soft graphite chassis guards
  • Includes hard front suspension arms suitable for medium & high traction
  • Includes hard front upper deck that makes the car more precise
  • New greased ball bearings for front steering blocks and rear uprights
  • Revised shock absorber lower shims


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